• How can I order a free Nualtra shaker to mix Foodlink Complete?

    If you would like to order a free Nualtra shaker please email us via [email protected]k - don’t forget to include your preferred delivery address!

    I am a Healthcare Professional, how do I order samples?

    Healthcare professionals can use our online sample service to get Nualtra samples delivered straight to patients homes. Please click here to go to our sample service. Don't forget to create an account when you order so you can easily use our service again in the future. 

    How long do samples take to arrive?

    We aim for all samples to be delivered within 2 working days. Next day delivery is available if you require it, please include this in the ‘Special request’ box during the ordering process. Please note that orders must be placed before 1:30pm for next day delivery.

    I have an issue with a sample order, what should I do?

    Please contact us via [email protected] with your order number and issue, and we will be happy to help.

  • Why has my prescription changed to a Nualtra product?

    Many GP Practices are currently assessing oral nutritional supplement treatments to ensure the treatment is effective and in line with national and local guidelines. Following a review of your treatment, they may have changed your supplement prescription to a more cost-effective or better-tasting product.

    How many drinks can I take every day?

    The number of nutritional supplements that you need daily will depend on how much food you are able to eat. Your healthcare professional will advise you on the quantity you should take every day. The nutritional requirements of each individual varies greatly during any illness. A number of factors can interfere with a persons ability to achieve adequate nutrition. Regular review by your dietitian or other healthcare professional will ensure that your nutritional intake is sufficient.

    Can I use an oral nutritional supplement as a replacement for a meal?

    All Nualtra products, except Foodlink Complete and Altrashot, are nutritionally complete and may be used as a light meal if you are unable to eat food. (See nutritionally complete volumes listed in the Product Compendium, which can be accessed by clicking on 'Resources' at the top of this page). Ideally, they are designed for use as a supplement between meals.

    Why should I take an oral nutritional supplement?

    If you have been unwell you may not be able to eat enough or due to your medical condition you may have increased nutritional requirements. An oral nutritional supplement may help to prevent weight loss and give you the necessary nutrients to support your nutritional intake.

    Can I take a multivitamin tablet instead of an oral nutritional supplement?

    An oral nutritional supplement (ONS) has a greater nutritional value than a multivitamin tablet. They will provide calories (energy) as well as protein, vitamins and minerals. A multivitamin tablet only contains vitamins and some minerals so it is not a complete nutritional supplement.

    Are oral nutritional supplements the same as nutrition supplements used by athletes?

    Nutrition supplements used by athletes are used to help them achieve their peak performance. Most athletes have a good appetite. If your healthcare professional has prescribed an oral nutritional supplement for you it is because you are unable to meet your nutritional requirements from diet alone. Nualtra products are high in energy (calories), protein, vitamins and minerals. They will help you to have a more balanced intake of all essential nutrients. They are only available on prescription.

    How do I know that Nualtra products are safe to use?

    All Nualtra products are formulated on sound medical and nutritional principles. They have been placed on the market as “foods for special medical purposes”. This means a category of foods for particular nutritional uses specifically formulated and intended for the dietary management of patients who are unable to meet their nutritional requirements from food alone. They are for use under medical supervision. All Nualtra products comply with EU legislation regulating Foods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMPs). They have been formally approved by the regulatory authorities in the UK and ROI.

    Can I purchase Nualtra products online?

    Nualtra products are available on prescription. Selected Nualtra products are now available to purchase online from our pharmacy partners in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Please click here to buy online.

    Do you have any recipes or serving suggestions for Nualtra products?

    Yes! Nualtra has compiled recipes and serving suggestions for a variety of Nualtra products. Please visit our recipes and downloads pages to view these and find a recipe that works for you.

  • Are Nualtra products suitable for children?

    Nualtra products are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. A clinical decision may be made by a doctor or dietitian to use these products in children aged 3 - 6 years. Use in this age group will require close monitoring.

    Are Nualtra products suitable for vegetarians?

    The colouring Cochineal (E120) may not be acceptable to some vegetarians. It is used in all Nualtra Strawberry flavoured products except Foodlink Complete and Altraplen Energy.

    Are Nualtra products suitable for people with dysphagia?

    Nualtra ONS products may be used in patients with dysphagia following an assessment by a Speech and Language Therapist to determine swallowing ability. Please contact us for more information if you have specific queries.

    Are Nualtra products suitable for people with diabetes?

    People with diabetes should only use oral nutritional supplements under medical supervision when they are unable to meet their nutritional requirements from food. The use of oral nutritional supplements should be discussed with the diabetes team, GP or dietitian when you attend the clinic for your next check up. Blood glucose levels should be closely monitored as the nutritional supplements contain carbohydrate which could alter your blood glucose level. Supplements should be sipped slowly and spread throughout the day. This will help to give better control of your blood glucose level.

    Are Nualtra products suitable for pregnant women?

    Excessive intakes of vitamin A should be avoided during pregnancy. The Nualtra products are nutritionally complete for all vitamins including vitamin A. Following an assessment of your nutritional intake your dietitian or doctor will advise you on the use of oral nutritional supplements.

    Are Nualtra products Halal?

    Please refer to our religious information and allergen guide for specific information on which Nualtra products are Halal certified.

    Are Nualtra products Kosher?

    Please refer to our religious information and allergen guide for specific information on which Nualtra products are Kosher certified.

  • Are Nualtra products soya free?

    Altrashot, Altrajuce, Altraplen Energy and Swalloweze Clear are all soya free. All our other products contain soya.

    Are Nualtra products milk protein free?

    All contain milk protein. None of our products are suitable for galactosaemia patients.

    Do Nualtra products contain lactose?

    All products in the Nualtra range, aside from Foodlink Complete, are considered to be lactose-free. Lactose-free is defined in our products as containing <0.5g/100ml or 100g. Please note that Foodlink Complete is not lactose-free.

    Are Nualtra products suitable for coeliacs and people with gluten intolerance?

    All products in the Nualtra range are gluten free.

    Are Nualtra products nut free?

    All products in the Nualtra range are nut free.

  • What is the difference between Altraplen Compact and Altraplen Protein?

    Both products have an excellent nutritional profile. Altraplen Protein is higher in protein than Altraplen Compact and is an ideal supplement for people who may need to replace muscle lost during a major illness or for people who have higher protein needs to help with wound healing.

    What is the difference between Foodlink Complete and Foodlink Complete Compact?

    There’s no difference in the nutritional content of the powder within Foodlink Complete 57g and Foodlink Complete Compact 57g sachets, it is just the variation in the volume of milk that causes the difference in the nutritional content of the final reconstituted product. Foodlink Complete with 200ml whole milk provides – 383kcal and 19g protein.  Foodlink Complete/Foodlink Complete Compact with 100ml whole milk provides – 318kcal and 15g protein.

    Can you thicken Foodlink Complete?

    Yes, Foodlink Complete can be thickened using xanthan gum based thickeners.

    Can you use Foodlink Complete Compact with the Foodlink Complete recipe cards?

    Yes you can!  It is the variation in the volume of milk that causes the difference in the nutritional content of the final reconstituted product for Foodlink Complete and Foodlink Complete Compact. So using Foodlink Complete Compact with our recipe suggestions will provide the same nutrition as Foodlink Complete.

    Can you thicken Altrajuce?

    We don't advise thickening Altrajuce.

    Can you freeze Nualtra products?

    Yes, Nualtra products can be frozen! Please note that we do not recommend freezing Swalloweze Clear.